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Beautify Interior with Cutting Sticker

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Cutting sticker, an old element that is now popular again. Once, cutting sticker is often used as a means to inform the message in the form of stamp paper. It has now become a decorative element of interior.

Walls, glass, also furniture, can be enhanced with cutting sticker. The installation is not difficult. Even with the help of computers, we can design cutting sticker pattern as desired.

Space is no longer a walled plain or transparent glass. You can give the effect and atmosphere of the room with the cutting sticker pattern on the wall or space-forming areas of the other.

Nature has always been an inspiration. Trees, as part of nature, can be an inspiration to liven up the room. For example, the shape of the tree has a trunk, branches, and twigs, was made silhouettes. The silhouette of a pattern of cutting sticker stuck to the glass. The result is not only charming, but also provides a wealth of color to the room.

The interior that is attractive does not have to contain expensive goods. The creativity is what makes the design look more inspiring.

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