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Want To Install A Lightning Rod? This Is How

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Concerns about the lightning strike when the rainy season could become commonplace. Lightning that conduct electricity thousands of volts can also make electronic equipment on fire. How to keep the house not struck by lightning? It’s simple. You just have to install a lightning rod in the area around the house.

Installing a lightning rod is not difficult, it’s only consists of the head of lightning rod, the wire that connects the head to the ground, and the ground rod. Put a lightning rod in the highest building, can also be mounted on a metal pole that rose around the building. There are a few things you need to consider when it comes to installing a lightning rod.

  • Make sure the component system of lightning rod is securely installed and perfect. Installation which is not perfect cause lightning rod system is not working effectively and damaged when struck by lightning.
  • Planting ground rod to a depth of ground water or until it reaches the wet area. The goal for electrical lightning channeled directly into the ground.
  • Place the instrument lightning at the highest part of the house. If using a regular, pairs with a maximum distance 3m between lightning rod. Make sure the size of lightning rod right. For houses, sizes of 30cm or 27cm are enough. The larger the diameter of the head lightning rod and wire, the better the system works.
  • Consider the installation of network devices, ranging from the head unit of lightning rod, wire to the grounding system. If not, the lightning rod will break down, bend or break if struck by lightning.
  • There are many options of lightning rod with various models and materials. Select the most effective electrical leads thousands of volts.

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Pretty Bathrooms with Vanities

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A vanity is must have item for your bathroom. There are many various types of vanity you can have for your bathroom. Your bathroom will get much prettier and complete with one or two vanities.

You can find vanities and other bathroom products for your bathroom in furniture stores or in some online stores. You can choose which one that you like or which one is the most suitable with your bathroom.

Get vanities for your bathroom now. And, you will get a prettier bathroom right away.

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The Main Function of Roof

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Since humans build homes, roof construction began to be known. Originally the roof serves as a shade shelter, but the function continues to grow until finally the roof function was combined with other functions that are completely new.

Let’s get to know, what the functions of the roof are:

1. Restricting Space

Occupancy is a collection container spaces with family activities. These activities should take place continuously without weather interruption. Here the roofs contribute to creating space restrictions can be comforting activity.

The roof can give the effect of broad or narrow on space. Utilization of the roof had to watch the height of the face of the floor, the higher the location of the roof, the more extensive the resulting impression of space.

2. Protector

The roof must be able to provide security. Sense of security from the sun and rain is the main thing. The roof also must be in favor of the natural conditions that could harm humans. Earthquakes and strong winds in a certain scale are the examples. Construction of the roof should be attached with the construction of the building body. If there is a shift in the event of natural disturbances, the shift does not endanger residents. In areas that are often exposed to high winds, the roof construction is often “tied” with a special cable structure that cannot be separated from the body building.

Construction of the roof should be a system of interconnected, especially in light steel frame construction. Light steel frame is not the same with wood, both in terms of strength, size, and how to use it. “These are often wrong in the field. The installer (which has not been certified) often install light steel frame with wood frame. This is wrong. Strength of lightweight steel frame is in the system, including the type of fastening bolts.”

3. Coolant of Room Temperature

Air circulation is one of the most important elements of making comfortable room. Air circulation means also paying attention to the direction of air flow in the house. In principle, the heat always moves up in the afternoon, and vice versa. If hot air is blocked, it will flow in the room and make the room hot and uncomfortable. If well-designed, the roof cavity could be a container of hot air flowing from the room below.

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