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Cool House with an Ideal Roof Design

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Most people think that roof only serves to shade the inside of the house. The setting is often seen only in terms of aesthetics alone. In fact, to build the roofs need to consider some important points, mainly related to the height.

Following an increasingly diverse home design, roof forms also experienced many adjustments, neither adjustment in terms of function or the aesthetics. An accurate structuring when building a house roof will give a big impact on the condition of the house.

A sufficient roof volume can inhibit the heat radiation from the sun. The heat that conducted will through the roof and ceiling, but did not directly flow into the room, as well as the setting of the roof’s ideal high. The arrangement depends on the plan space that will be shaded. In essence, the more width the room, then the higher is roof.

Minimum roof slope is 15 degrees. Instead, the slope is greater than that, so that the space between the ceiling and the greater the roof. The bright color of tile is effective to reflect the sun’s heat, rather than the tile with a dark color. Be sure to give vent to the roof model height and width. Its function so that the movement of air in the roof more quickly, so that the incoming heat pushed out through the vent.

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Bright Colors in the Living Room

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Arranging the living room to be neat would be fun. Especially for your guests who visit the house.

The use of bright colors in a room, in addition to making the atmosphere feel beautiful can also provide a sense of comfort. Bright colors can create an impression of joy. Since bright colors are colors that can create excitement, enhance concentration and more attractive and creative.

Bright colors also make the room seem airy and bright. However, in order not only to use bright colors, you can use the furniture or other decorative elements that are patterned. Thus the pleasant room was not impressed pale.

Want to create a new atmosphere of fun? Try to be creative in your living room so that the atmosphere more pleasant. Because designing a stylish room is not an easy matter. Therefore, be smart in creating a work as unique as possible on your room.

Good luck!

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