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UPVC, New Material for Roof

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Innovation is part of the human growth process. Without innovation, humans would be difficult to develop. One of them is on the roof. The roof innovation allows us to get the safety and comfort.

One recent study conducted on the development of tile or roofing material. Alternative roofing material is made of UPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) with a layer of ASA/PMMA (Acrylic). Roof with this material having heat conductive coefficient of 0.325 w/m or one-third times of the clay roof, one-fifth times of cement roof. That way, the room with the roof produces a comfortable air and much cooler.

The roof that made of clay, asbestos, metal, or asphalt is widely used, but basically from those materials there is no resistance to corrosion or containing toxic substances with high toxicity levels. In contrast with UPVC roofing materials, experiments were performed by dipping UPVC roof for 24 hours to a solution of HCL (hydrochloric acid) concentration of 6% and NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide/Caustic Soda) concentration of 20%. The result, the roof with this material has an unusual resistance to corrosion caused by acids, bases, solvents and salts.

The advantages of UPVC roof was also tested in climate change. Assisted with the design of the roof/tile which is flexible on both sides, expansion and contraction caused by weather changes can be minimized. Besides that, this material does not deliver electricity so it will not burn when exposed to lightning. This material is suitable for roof or tile of factories and housing, both in the area around the beach or in areas with high pollution levels.

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