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Gardening on the roof!

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With garden on the roof the house is so much cooler, healthy vegetable needs are met.

Utilize roof for vegetable gardens, can be applied to homes. It takes only concrete-floored area, hut for planting, as well as the roof to control the absorbed water.

Plant the short-lived type of vegetable, between four to five weeks, such as kale, lettuce, spinach, carrots. Planting crops alternately, for example, after planting kale, replaced with lettuce. After lettuce, the same land planted with spinach. And so on alternately. This method is naturally able to break the life cycle of pests. Pests who had come on when to plant kale terminated its life cycle with different crops planted afterwards. Thus, it creates a balance.

Vegetable garden on the roof of the house should include a transparent roof so that sunlight can be absorbed well but rainfall can be blocked. The intensity of water still in the growing media should be controlled. Watering is done twice a day with moderate intensity, should be done with a watering can.

So, are you interested in making it?

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