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Beautify the Dining Room

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Maybe some homeowners want to always see the dining room in their house look beautiful. Here’s how!

Architects and interior designers might say always have new ideas about the arrangement of space. Of all the ideas that they have, in fact there is also an outline that can be learned. Well at least:

- Know your living space. In the small and open space, should put the furniture against the wall. So, furniture does not foreclose the room and the people circulation also was not disturbed.

- Do not ambitious to place the lighting. Place a light sufficiently. Use a hanging lampshade made from transparent so that the light is bright but not blinding. Choose light yellow to highlight the accessories in the dining room.

- It’s okay to put contrast accessories. Placement adapted to container, vast space, and the type of accessories. Avoid accessories that overdo, which can make the room look crowded.

Well, that’s the big picture. Details, return to the creativity of each individual. Happy creating!

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