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Modern Kitchen, a Solutions to Beautify Main Space of the Home

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Modern kitchen should not always seem stiff. Elements of wood or storage can be a comforting view of the decorative elements.

Blend with living room, kitchen is designed to be a focal point in the room. It is in the middle, making it visible from all public domain. The dominant white color of the kitchen unseen “drowned” in the elegance of white the other elements that fill the house Inspiration.

The white color combined with the color of the wood parquet that makes the atmosphere is not monotonous. Additionally cabinet design kitchen open as decorative accents balanced with lighting techniques to create a profile and shape of the kitchen elements more powerful and comfortable to the eye.

There are several things that characterize this kitchen. Large cabinet characterize modern activity. Currently, residents often require a large storage container for storing goods, so that the view out of the kitchen still looks clean and fresh.

Finishing the kitchen is dominated by lacquare techniques. As for the material using high gloss white panels. For wood grain effect, Zeno utilizing wood veneer which is then coated again with lacquare.

Simple and high quality, that is one other characteristic of the modern kitchen sensation.

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