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More relief with Japanese Architecture Concept

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Tatami concept Japanese-style could be family room design options, convenient and simple.

Living room does not always have to use the couch or chair as the main furniture. Especially if you a have limited living space. You cannot impose large furniture into your room that was small, but it does not mean your sitting room cannot look maximal. You can play with the concept of lounge you want to create. As long as the lounge remain comfortable to sit and chat with friends.

The sitting room with the concept of Japanese could be an attractive option. Pick a corner of the room that you can process into the living room. No need large size, 1.5 x 1.5m is enough. Raise the floor about 10cm to emphasize the difference function space. Put a table that is not too high to put a dish of hot tea or a small snack. Even here there is no soft couch to sit on; you can put the pillows here so that your sitting position remain comfortable. Vary the pillow into several shapes and sizes. Various forms of decorative pillows can be interesting.

Decorating can also be done on the walls. Make the walls of the room by mirror decorating. Mirrors can give widespread impression in the room. You can also put the twig pot on each corner as confirmation space function.

Choose wood materials to bring the warm impression. You can use on the floor or on the wall. Choose wood parquet with bright colors typical of Japanese architecture. As for the wall you can make the contrast with the floor in order to stand out.

A comfortable lounge Japanese style were ready to accompany you to your family warm conversation.

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