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Want To Install A Lightning Rod? This Is How

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Concerns about the lightning strike when the rainy season could become commonplace. Lightning that conduct electricity thousands of volts can also make electronic equipment on fire. How to keep the house not struck by lightning? It’s simple. You just have to install a lightning rod in the area around the house.

Installing a lightning rod is not difficult, it’s only consists of the head of lightning rod, the wire that connects the head to the ground, and the ground rod. Put a lightning rod in the highest building, can also be mounted on a metal pole that rose around the building. There are a few things you need to consider when it comes to installing a lightning rod.

  • Make sure the component system of lightning rod is securely installed and perfect. Installation which is not perfect cause lightning rod system is not working effectively and damaged when struck by lightning.
  • Planting ground rod to a depth of ground water or until it reaches the wet area. The goal for electrical lightning channeled directly into the ground.
  • Place the instrument lightning at the highest part of the house. If using a regular, pairs with a maximum distance 3m between lightning rod. Make sure the size of lightning rod right. For houses, sizes of 30cm or 27cm are enough. The larger the diameter of the head lightning rod and wire, the better the system works.
  • Consider the installation of network devices, ranging from the head unit of lightning rod, wire to the grounding system. If not, the lightning rod will break down, bend or break if struck by lightning.
  • There are many options of lightning rod with various models and materials. Select the most effective electrical leads thousands of volts.

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5 Important Things in Electrical Installation

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Some things you need to consider about the wiring at home.

Currently, electricity cannot be separated from any activity in the house. So important role, but there are still a lot of users are still lay to the things that should be considered. Electric current cannot be taken lightly. It is not only a matter of electrical input, but the path to the output. In other words, you need to recognize more details about the specification of materials, cable conductivity, and the influence of flow to weather changes.

Check out 5 things you must consider when creating a new electricity grid.

1. Outlet

Note the ideal distance from the outlet point of the floor is between 1-2 meters. Be sure not to overload, one outlet ideally can divided with a T-plug to 4 branching.

2. Cable

Do not just buy the cable, adjust the power delivered. Electrical wiring with copper conductor and PVC insulated permanently installed in your home should be a minimum size of 2.5 mm2, regardless of the amount of electrical power should only be installed and powered up 10A. Use a measuring cable 4mm2 if electric current is between 10A – 16A.

3. Grounding

Grounding on electrical installations are as preventing contact between human with an exposed electrical voltage due to insulation failure. Grounding installed in your house two kinds of electrical installations for home and installation of lightning rods. Two of these grounding system installation and had to be separated is at least 10m. Grounding connections for homes electrical installations installed in kWh meter.

4. Rain and Leaks

Better not make improvements where they have heavy rain or roof leaks, it is closely related to the water as a conductor of electricity, so it is often a short circuit occurs or surge. Also, do not perform repair electrical installations where they have occurred thunder and lightning that were darting.

5. Periodic checks

Perform electrical installation periodically checks using the services of a trusted officer or agency. If in the future there are installation problems, you can call them back to make repairs, or make additions to existing installations.

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Tips on Cleaning Mosaic Ceramic

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The best way to take care of mosaic tiles is to clean it regularly. After a shower, get used to flush ceramic, so the soap does not stick to the wall.

If the dirt stick to the wall for too long and accumulate, ceramics will be more difficult to clean. Make a schedule to clean the bathroom. Wipe the ceramic bathroom at least once a week. That way, your ceramic will always clean and fresh. There are some care tips of mosaic tiles:

- Mix a solution of vinegar and water with a ratio of 1:1. Put the solution into a spray bottle. Spray evenly on the wall and let stand for 5-10 minutes. Clean it thoroughly with the help of a fluffy brush. Rinse with water and dry it properly to prevent water lines in ceramics.

-  If the water contains minerals, mineral rest will stick to ceramic and will look like a white stain, so splash backing soda to help eliminate mineral tiles on the wall. After created the bubble reaction, wait until no bubbles visible. Rinse with water and dried with a soft sponge or towel.

- The other method is to use liquid dish soap. Mix a few drops of dish soap with warm water. Rub the solution on tiles using a sponge or cloth. Rinse again with water and dried.

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