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Understand Parquet Floor Character to Get a Sense of Comfort

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Choosing the right floor can provide a sense of comfort and able to provide the aesthetic of your home. Seen today, the use of any wood floor is not something that is difficult to apply to modern dwellings.

Parquet flooring can be used as an alternative solution for those who are bored with the use of ceramic tiles. Currently parquet floor tile in great demand than usual. However, before deciding to choose the parquet floor or tiles, you should pay attention to the facts of the parquet floor.

Caring for parquet flooring is not an easy matter. You must be painstaking care floor of this one, especially for us who live in tropical regions. Wood color will easily fade if exposed to sunlight often. Thus, you have to be diligent, industrious change positions so as not to dull the floor on one side.

Use a cloth is not too wet to mop the parquet floor. If too wet parquet floor will quickly become damp and rotten. It’s good not to be too frequent mopping floors, simply by cleaning it with a dry cloth.

When moving the stuff you have to be careful because the parquet easily scratched. Parquet floor somewhat safer than the regular tile. The texture is not too slippery, thereby reducing the risk of falling. In addition, the injury from the parquet floor was lower due to the soft nature of the material.

For those of us who live in the tropics, parquet flooring can warm in the rainy season came and coolness in the summer time. Good luck!

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