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The Winding Wardrobe

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Wardrobe does not have to have an angle. Arched doors apparently turn on dynamic impression.

Impression of clean and dynamic looks at the unique design of the winding wardrobe. Unlike the rigid and angular imagery wardrobe, this wardrobe doors is actually curved like a dancer. Curved door design is very suitable to represents expressive young people.

This wardrobe design is tailored to the concept of a relaxed coastal and flowing atmosphere. Functions as a storage retained, but the shape is independent from the conventional grip.

Apparently not only adopted the expressive nuances of the coast to the master bedroom, this wardrobe made from multiplex is deliberately formed gaps and given additional filtration with purple color. This is so romantic feel felt by residents. To make it more functional, there are additional downlights in it.

Not only eye catching, this wardrobe also installed a built-in. By utilizing the overdraft walls, this room was instantly wide impressed.

For those of you who have problems with occupancy with limited space, this innovative idea could be a way out. Happy creating!

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Secondary Skin: Shortcut to Change Facade Display

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Not only serves as a protective the front of the house, the second layer can also beautify the look of the house.

Secondary skin functions like a filter to reduce exposure to direct sunlight to the facade of the house. As a result the room that protected by a secondary skin feels colder. Secondary skin application also makes the facade display more attractive. Therefore, in order the secondary skin installation went smoothly, here are five points you should consider.

1. Expert Consultation: Before planning to install a double facade, ask for advice to experts such as architects or contractors. Consult the concept of design, materials, construction, until a solution to the problems that can occur when the installation process.

2. Check the structure of the house: To create a secondary skin structure of the house to be completely solid. Since this “outer shell” will be relied on major building construction. Therefore, check the condition of the old structure of the house from the foundation, columns, and beams.

3. Identify the direction toward home: If your home is facing toward the sun rise or set (East and West), the installation of secondary skin can become dominant. The main function of the double facade to reduce sunlight was fulfilled.

4. Selection of material: After determining the function and placement, you can judge whether or not the material is suitable from: shape, easy to apply, has a light weight, weather resistant, easy to care for, and prices to suit the budget.

5. Budgeting: The cost of installing a secondary skin is affected by several things. Land area, complexity of the design, the structure used, the characteristics of the material, also finishing is a point that must be considered. To be sure, the concept of design you want to be in accordance with the financial conditions.

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