Clay Roof Tile Cooling Your House

Clay roof tile is still in demand. Although the process requires no small amount of energy, but on the other hand the clay actually can absorb heat. This makes homes cooler.

There is plentong shaped “toad roof tile” or leaves roof tile. Installation is done by the slope of 22.5º-45º. The slope makes rain water cannot enter through the joints between the tiles. Its weight is fairly light, less than 1 kg.

Installation of plentong tile not requires a complex roof structure. Plentong tile can be installed on wood lath with sectional dimension 2/3 and the distance between battens 30cm-35cm. Each 1m² takes at least 25 pieces of tile. Like the making of traditional art items, the manufacturing process is still manual, so often the size of the tile with one another is not exactly the same. This makes the gap between the tile, and result the hook to the battens less than maximum. To avoid seepage, install sheets of aluminum foil under the roof tiles.

One disadvantage of the clay tile is fragile, so the tile should be installed with caution. Typically, the tile will be transported to the roof and lined in a row. After that, then do the installation, while providing space for walking.

The tile surfaces that have long will generally be moldy, and turns black. Some people favor a natural color like this. If you do not like it, you only have to repaint it.

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