3 Types of Carport Roofing Structures

Carport design consists of parts of floors, walls, and roof retaining structures and also roofing frame. How is the structure of the roof?

Retaining structure of carport roof frame can be categorized into three types:

1. Stands alone structure: stand-alone structure can be supported on four main points, or it could be just the two main points by using a cantilever system. The columns can be selected from the columns supporting concrete, wood, iron, steel, or some combination of these materials. The outer display columns can be selected in accordance with the carport design concept.

2. Sticking mostly structure: carport which is very close to the main building will have an advantage. Roof frame can be made with a stick house. This method makes more efficient carport construction costs. Only with two supporting points, carport is quite sturdy. In order to look attractive, you should use a carport construction systems and materials in line with the construction of houses and the main facade.

3. Hanging structure: a hanging structure is cantilevered structure with iron sling or steel sling. This system allows the roof to hang freely without the need for additional columns. Required materials for lightweight roof frame and cover. This structure typically uses type of flat roof.

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